Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Meeting with Mr. A

So a few days ago, I met Mr. A.
Mr. A is my former private tutor and I can say he is pretty much the only person that hated me so much.
Why? Because I would not listen to him and follow his way.

Well.. I have to admit that I can be pretty stubborn sometimes.
But oh well.. It's a long story so I'll just talk about this incident.

So this happend when I went out with my parents to kinda celebrate my birthday at a a shopping mall.
And I did not expect on that particular day, that there was a sale and boy, the mall were pretty much packed with people.

Then I went out to buy something and had to stay on a line.
(Theres only one cashier at that time)
and there he was. With his thing(s). In the same line.

The first word that came out is of course. Damn.
Hah. And of course I tried to hide my face and all.

Then Bam. The Madam's friend.
Oohh.. but that is not enough to cause a stir.
Like its all fated she look at the one in front of me and say
"Hey. Blabla! Good to see you here. This is The Madam's daughter!"

Uh oh. And as if things weren't bad enough.
My father The Boss, approach the one behind me.
"Hey! Blalalaalala." Then "Hahaha"
Yeah. It's his co-worker.

And so that is how they made it worse.
And just when I glance towards Mr. A spot, he's gone.

Yup. G.O.N.E.
Maybe the situation freaks him so much as I have so many allies.
Yeah well... keep dreaming. .__.

Then I bump into him again at a bookstore.
Seriously. What luck do I have..

I just wish that when I have enough courage and becomes a graduate, I can approach him with a smile and say I'm sorry and tell him he may be the reason I choose a path where the subject that he's teaching will and do not exist in my life.

Lesson learned here : Be brave. Face your enemy fairly. Don't be such a coward