Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I hate it.
Anything to do with tragedy. I really hate it.
Although I do know that it is part of our life, I still don't like it.

Some things like movies, novels or anything concerning tragedy, I really hate it.
And I will try to avoid them.

I guess somehow this trait of mine meant that I am someone that really wanted to escape from reality if something happens.
Because really, I don't like thinking about them. I will just try to delete it from my mind.

But things like tragedy is something that we have to face every moment of our lives so we can move forward.
Sometimes I think that this is a cruel world.

Good people have to face something like terrible illness while the rest can run freely in this world.

I guess when I watch other countries or people that are facing hardships, I felt really sad and hopeless b'cause I can do nothing.
So it just means that I hate being weak and can't do anything to change it.

Quote of the day :
"Sometimes in Tragedy, We find our life's Purpose"
-Robert Brault-

Only something that I want to express.

Lesson learned here : Don't run from reality. (remainder to me too)

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