Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Meeting with Mr. A

So a few days ago, I met Mr. A.
Mr. A is my former private tutor and I can say he is pretty much the only person that hated me so much.
Why? Because I would not listen to him and follow his way.

Well.. I have to admit that I can be pretty stubborn sometimes.
But oh well.. It's a long story so I'll just talk about this incident.

So this happend when I went out with my parents to kinda celebrate my birthday at a a shopping mall.
And I did not expect on that particular day, that there was a sale and boy, the mall were pretty much packed with people.

Then I went out to buy something and had to stay on a line.
(Theres only one cashier at that time)
and there he was. With his thing(s). In the same line.

The first word that came out is of course. Damn.
Hah. And of course I tried to hide my face and all.

Then Bam. The Madam's friend.
Oohh.. but that is not enough to cause a stir.
Like its all fated she look at the one in front of me and say
"Hey. Blabla! Good to see you here. This is The Madam's daughter!"

Uh oh. And as if things weren't bad enough.
My father The Boss, approach the one behind me.
"Hey! Blalalaalala." Then "Hahaha"
Yeah. It's his co-worker.

And so that is how they made it worse.
And just when I glance towards Mr. A spot, he's gone.

Yup. G.O.N.E.
Maybe the situation freaks him so much as I have so many allies.
Yeah well... keep dreaming. .__.

Then I bump into him again at a bookstore.
Seriously. What luck do I have..

I just wish that when I have enough courage and becomes a graduate, I can approach him with a smile and say I'm sorry and tell him he may be the reason I choose a path where the subject that he's teaching will and do not exist in my life.

Lesson learned here : Be brave. Face your enemy fairly. Don't be such a coward

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I hate it.
Anything to do with tragedy. I really hate it.
Although I do know that it is part of our life, I still don't like it.

Some things like movies, novels or anything concerning tragedy, I really hate it.
And I will try to avoid them.

I guess somehow this trait of mine meant that I am someone that really wanted to escape from reality if something happens.
Because really, I don't like thinking about them. I will just try to delete it from my mind.

But things like tragedy is something that we have to face every moment of our lives so we can move forward.
Sometimes I think that this is a cruel world.

Good people have to face something like terrible illness while the rest can run freely in this world.

I guess when I watch other countries or people that are facing hardships, I felt really sad and hopeless b'cause I can do nothing.
So it just means that I hate being weak and can't do anything to change it.

Quote of the day :
"Sometimes in Tragedy, We find our life's Purpose"
-Robert Brault-

Only something that I want to express.

Lesson learned here : Don't run from reality. (remainder to me too)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Its Quote's Day (Nope)

No. Its not quote's day.
Quote's day is suppose to be like.. Monday I think.

But because right now it is 1:30 A.M. And I need my sleep.
And I promise myself to post as frequently as possible. So here it is

I those moments, it is important to find out the good stuff
Try to embrace them and don't push them away as it will open your eyes to the light.

Okay, I'm dozing off. So I'm out.
I can't focus to anything right now.

Nighty night

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A perfect moment (WW)

Its Wordless Wednesday
So, here is one photo that I love.

This is Dr. Zbigniew Religa.
A heart Surgeon.
He performed a 23-hour-long successful surgery for heart transplant.

What I love best is his quote :

 “I never let him out of my sight, never turned my back on him,”

 “This was the payoff.”

Lesson learned here : 
Doesn't mean something that seems impossible is not possible to achieve.
We just might need to have the determination and courage to execute it.

(Btw, This photo says a lot. Depends on how you see it)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Ah yes..
Its time for me to introduce myself. (yet again)
First and foremost, this is not my first blog.
But this is indeed my first blog written as an anonymous
Well, not exactly anonymous. I just won't tell you my real name and all those description about my looks.

You just need to know that I am a female that goes by the name 'Faithelis Webb'

Heh, I know, I know, The name sounds so weird.

Other than that, about my lifestyle, family and friends... wait.
I have to tell you about this blog first.

As you can see, the name of this blog is REFLECTION.
(see, the big 1,2,3...10 letters above this blog)

It is about my lifestyle and also those around me.
This may not interest you.
But I believe everything we do leads to something whether its good or bad.
And the outcome are often unexpected.
So by having this blog, I hope people can learn from my experience as well as others.
And I would really appreciate it if you guys can comment and share with me your experience.