Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Ah yes..
Its time for me to introduce myself. (yet again)
First and foremost, this is not my first blog.
But this is indeed my first blog written as an anonymous
Well, not exactly anonymous. I just won't tell you my real name and all those description about my looks.

You just need to know that I am a female that goes by the name 'Faithelis Webb'

Heh, I know, I know, The name sounds so weird.

Other than that, about my lifestyle, family and friends... wait.
I have to tell you about this blog first.

As you can see, the name of this blog is REFLECTION.
(see, the big 1,2,3...10 letters above this blog)

It is about my lifestyle and also those around me.
This may not interest you.
But I believe everything we do leads to something whether its good or bad.
And the outcome are often unexpected.
So by having this blog, I hope people can learn from my experience as well as others.
And I would really appreciate it if you guys can comment and share with me your experience.


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